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    • J Music thread
      1) Who's your favourite singer/group/band/artist? I love SCANDAL. I`m a big fan. I try my best to support the band, and buy all their albums, DVDs and other stuffs 2) Who's your favourite artists from each genre? Visual-kei: X Japan. The music they make is simply amazing. Rock: SCANDAL . I love their music, the way the girls try to be close to the fans all over the world. Pop: I would say Nana Mizuki. She has an amazing voice. 3) Who's your favourite female artist? Nana Mizuki, because she is an amazing singer. Also her concerts are amazing. 4) Who's your favourite male artist? I like Acid Black Cherry. He has some amazing rock love songs.
    • Guy's questionnaires thread
      What are your favorite sports? soccer Would you date/court girls taller than you? i don`t know.. Do you Smoke? NO Would you like to buy Men's Bra?? NO the age when u 1st touch any of the 3 vices 18 Which race do you find to be the most attractive? i like japanese girls ever thought about kissing another guy? no way What do you drive? don`t have a car..not even a driver license Whats your fetish? don`t really know what to say Who would you like to marry? i would like to marry a pretty japanese woman  touched/seen the forbidden place? Nope Do you do cooking, cleaning and/or laundry? sometimes yes ever got beaten by girl? no What Brand Named Clothing Do You Wear? i don`t really care about brand...
    • Anyone need help with MechE?
      Currently a second year student at SDSU in MechE. If anyone needs help with anything related to my major I'm willing to help. 
    • New and looking for recommendations
      Should check K-Indies then. I've uploaded some K-Indies (bands and artists), so you might find what you like there. Oh well, I'm gonna list some anyway. Here comes~ Definitely try OOHYO's stuff. Sentimental electro-indie pop, hidden beneath the dazzling cute K-Pops. Oh, I think you'll like these "idol" groups. Can't really call them as "idol", because they can actually play instruments (and classical instruments at that!). Classical + dance/electropop = awesome. You like bands? Why don't you give STARTLINE a listen? They've disbanded, sadly. But their legacy of energetic punk rock with dual female and male vocals will live on forever. This one is their last ever MV (and as a plus, they got a cute bassist, Won Zena). Want something more rocking? Yellow Monsters is the answer. The most dangerous Korean punk/hardcore band. Or you want something less rocking again? Then I'd recommend you these artists. And I still have more actually. But at this point, I'll just mention the name: - Love X Stereo = electro rock, female-fronted - A-FATI (Amor Fati) = hard rock, alternative, all-female - Story Seller = all-female, rock, alternative - PosT PANiC = disco rock, disco punk - Loveholic = soft rock, pop etc.   Ugh, I think I wrote too much there. Sorry. Hope you'll find something you like!
    • New and looking for recommendations
      My best friend has dove head first into K-pop and keeps sending me groups to listen to but we have vastly different musical tastes. She likes idol groups but I'm more into bands than dancing. I'd love to find some common ground with something that maybe meets in the middle but I'm not familiar enough with the genre yet. Any recommendations?
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