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    • Mobile WiFi
      I've been wondering. What do you think about WiFi you can carry around with you where ever you go. Do you think it's useful and would stick with it?
    • Hi everyone!
      Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. I've been out the whole week with almost no Internet access. But now I'm back hoping to stick around. Yeah, I understand what you mean. The way human's brain works really fascinates me, especially in extreme situation, or when they're cornered to a certain extent, or when they're forced to face with their fear. I'm also interested in how they react, and what leads to that decision. So in a way, I'm more concerned with how the character's reaction to the situation than the situation itself. Of course, unique or out-of-ordinary circumstances are always attracting when I'm choosing something to read/watch. My interest in dream/lucid dream mostly comes from my own experiences. Sometimes ago I started to have paralysis dreams, so ever since then I've been reading up on this subject to know more. And it's kind of fascinating so I just keep digging deeper. Thanks for the invite to the chat room. I was about to join in a few times, but always stuck at what to say. It seems like I'm bad at joining in a conversation. Wonder if that's the reason why I'm such a lonely person in real life =( I have to try harder next time! About music, I don't have a specific genre that I'm stick too. Mostly I just listen to various songs, from manga/drama/TV channels/TV-programs/etc. and pick out those songs/artists that I like. I'm also more interested in indie scene than mainstream. For me, most of the time, indie artists are more refreshing and experimental than mainstream artists. Of course this is just my opinion. Exception would be ALI PROJECT and Dir en Grey. I'd listen to anything these two artists put out. But more often than not, my favorite songs tend to have fast beat, energetic and positive lyrics, or just have strong guitar/drums beats. I almost only listen to Japanese music right now, with some exceptions but not many. What's about you? What are you into listening right now? And is there any good novel/manga/movie about psychology that you would recommend for me? By the way, I'm in love with Hannibal right now. I keep re-watch the show over and over.  
    • Any collectors?
      I collect music CDs, posters, music magazines , concert BDs and manga this is my small collection   if you wanna see closer        
    • Choose the right Antivirus
      Since 2009 i use Bitdefender Total Security with full license . Every year i buy the new product. I never had any problems with viruses since i start using Bitdefender. It might be a little expensive but is worth.
    • J Music thread
      1) Who's your favourite singer/group/band/artist? I love SCANDAL. I`m a big fan. I try my best to support the band, and buy all their albums, DVDs and other stuffs 2) Who's your favourite artists from each genre? Visual-kei: X Japan. The music they make is simply amazing. Rock: SCANDAL . I love their music, the way the girls try to be close to the fans all over the world. Pop: I would say Nana Mizuki. She has an amazing voice. 3) Who's your favourite female artist? Nana Mizuki, because she is an amazing singer. Also her concerts are amazing. 4) Who's your favourite male artist? I like Acid Black Cherry. He has some amazing rock love songs.
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