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    • Gaki No Tsukai
      Watching Gaki no Tsukai with some bros is absolutely best. I love the batsu games, especially the drawers part  I think I only have the hot springs and hotel ones left to watch, hopefully Matsumoto and Hamada won't retire for few more years, even though it's kinda hard on their old butts.
    • [Poll] Favorite Bones (the studio) Anime Series
      I've not actually seen anything on this list, although I have Wolf's Rain to watch at some point.
    • [Poll] Favorite Bones (the studio) Anime Series
      My vote has to go for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, it just feels better version of the original and overall is amazing show.
      If you have seen the original i would highly recommend watching Brotherhood.

      I gotta give some special mentions of couple bones series/movies..

      Sword of the Stranger
      Movie is excellent with having amazing art style and animations while still keeping up the interesting story.
      I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has at least bit interest in "samurai" movies, and even if you are not i would still recommend it.
      This almost would be my choice from bones, but i think FMA:B has more content that fill you up and i end up enjoying it more, but it's a close second.

      Bounen no Xamdou aka Xam'd Lost Memories
      The show is just overall is very decent and enjoyable, ending did create bit negativity towards my experience, but nonetheless would recommend giving it at least couple episode watch to see how you like it.
      And of course having an excellent opening

      Zetsuen no Tempest
      I did enjoy the show more than i really though, but the weakish pacing at the start and that the story line kind of went all over the place time to time making it bit chore to watch does bring out some of the negativity towards the show, but still it holds up pretty nicely.
      Would recommend giving it a try.

      I guess i could also mention Eureka Seven(not AO), Darker than Black only the season 1 mostly  and Gosick for all being pretty damn decent stuff to watch.

      Overall bones has decent amount of decent stuff that they hold up pretty nicely.
      They also are making adaptations from the Bungou Stray Dogs manga and the quite popular super hero shounen manga Boku no Hero Academia in the near future for anyone interested.
    • Hearthstone
      Yeah Reno Jackson has done some nice work against the aggro decks, but yeah the newish Shaman is fearsome.

      I just don't enjoy the 6-8 turn matches VS aggro, some might argue that aggro decks require more skill on decision making, i kind of agree in some situations, but i would also argue that it only happens oh so quite rarely so if you even get a little bit lucky with the right cards or draws you can just destroy your opponents in seconds..
      Control decks end up having more of the decisions making incidents just because the game is longer..

      I think Secret paladin might have already started to lose some wind from the sails, though still very powerful, but i'm hoping it would just start to disappear cause it's god awful play against and play as IMO.
      Divine favor is the card that makes Secret paladin so strong and they should do something about the card, so the deck would not have an endless supply of steam towards control decks.

      I also find Druids to be quite boring most of the times with FoN+SR combo pretty much AUTO INCLUDE IN EVERY SINGLE DECK to be relevant, i mean something should happen or change..

      Blizzard has always been very bad in nerfing the cards, so they should really focus on it the next time they're gonna nerf something.
      Looking back to warsong commander, i mean come on you didn't have to kill his whole family and friends in progress, the card had potential to be at least okay card, not a TOTAL TRASH TIER card.

      I'm kinda intrigued to see some kind of new decks to pop up, such as Summoning Stone decks, Unearthed Raptor rogue decks, Brann Bronzebeard decks, maybe some kind of new murloc decks as i believe that shaman could easily make one or just something else new.

      Most of the "unique" decks such as Mill and Fatigue for example, are decks that i find to be most entertaining to watch.
      Too bad the decks usually end up just being "troll" decks cause they don't fit in the meta or such..

      I usually try carefully analyse the new cards coming out and try to see their potential, though i was kind of underwhelmed when they announced the cards and i was browsing them, I've ended up being quite surprised that i was wrong about some of the cards.
      The discovery mechanic has been proven to be very powerful in most of the situations which i had totally overlooked.

      When i play i end up just playing some arena if i have the gold and if i don't, i might force myself to do some dailies in the ladder..
      The ladder usually has been so full of the rush decks that are so boring to play against and i just end up being salty and bored..
        Yes i did and i think it was quite interesting and fun. 
      I think they should really try to keep making more of these kind of brawls because there has been too many terrible ones..

      One complain would be, why can't you play the brawls VS your friends ? 
      There has been couple brawls that i'd would have loved to play against some of my friends just for the fun. Like the one where it would random the mana cost of your cards, i mean playing 2 Mistcallers on turn 2 is just holy shit moment.

      PS. Yeah hoozuki was very very entertaining and of course Shiro is <3
    • [Poll] Favorite Bones (the studio) Anime Series
      Wulf-san why you do this? lol  I'm picking FMAB~ Plot, characters, basically everything. I've seen FMA but FMAB is much better. (for me) I remembered even watching the episodes raw because I couldn't wait. FMAB has much better story progression and pacing and ending~  All the other shows are awesome please watch them lol (I've never seen space dandy, hitsugi and xam'd)
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