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      Under NO circumstances are you allowed to transmit/distribute any files related to the artists on this list below Failure to comply will result a WARNING. If the member continues to break this rule we may revoke your ability to upload any files at all A.B.C-Z
      Abe Mao
      Ahn Jae Wook
      AKB idoling!!!
      Akita Shinji
      Amour MiCo
      ARAI Mann
      Asami Yuma
      aya ueto
      ayana taketatsu
      Ayumi Hamasaki
      Ayumi Koketsu
      babyraids japan
      Chen Min
      cinema staff
      Civilian Skunk
      ebisu muscats
      emi fujita
      emi with morikamehashi
      Emi with 森亀橋
      endo yurika
      eriko ishihara
      Guardians 4
      haida shoko
      hanako oku
      hattan amika
      hikari ichihara
      hikari ichihara groups
      hikasa yoko
      imai yuzo
      INDIGO 4
      jaguar yokota & kinoshita hirokatsu
      Jang Geun-seok , Jang Keun-suk
      JiLL-Decoy association
      katahira rina
      kato emiri
      kato kazuki
      kei aran
      kentaro kihara
      kizuki minami
      kobayashi kei
      Koda Kumi
      KOHEI JAPAN (K.J.)
      kojima mayumi
      kuninaka ryoko
      Le Couple
      LGYankees presents DJ No.2
      Linked Horizon
      maiko nakamura
      mari natsuki
      miho karasawa
      Mika Arisaka
      Milky Bunny
      mimori suzuko
      mitsuoka masami
      Monday Michiru
      mori tsubasa
      Nahoko Kakiage
      nannba shiho
      Naohito Fujiki
      okuda gen
      sakuragi seira
      Sakurakou K-ON Bu
      Sata Andagi
      sato fumika
      sayaka kanda
      seiko niizuma
      Sexy Zone
      sg WANNA BE+
      shigeru izumiya
      shimano momoe
      shimokawa mikuni
      shizuka kudo
      Sound Horizon
      takeshi tsuruno
      tanaka rika
      the ARROWS
      toko furuuchi
      uchida maaya
      watarirouka hashiritai
      Weather Girls
      yamada yu
      Yoshida Yamada
      Yui Ichikawa
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    • Hola
      By PageboyLi · Posted
      Oh yeah, I know. I like her Kite album. 
    • +\| - Sup' pps - |/+
      By Admin · Posted
      Hi, welcome to the community. nice hidden contents there >_> Please don't forget to read our rules here: And if you want to request a specific file, please read here:   If you have question to us staff, please don't hesitate to ask us on: or ask anything on our chatbox, as we actively use the chatbox. Hope you enjoy your stay here
    • Hola
      By Admin · Posted
      lol same here. liked few chinese songs but then my sister introduced me of utada hikaru - first love and thats when i fell in love with japanese music   btw if u still like chinese songs try Stephanie sun, shes singaporen but she produce wonderful ballad songs
    • Hola
      By PageboyLi · Posted
      - I never introduced myself, but you're probably familiar with me by now. I never shut up. - I like music and like to talk about it. Although, despite being half Chinese, my Dad was and he never listened to music because I don't know, I never heard any music from any East Asian country until I was like 13. My first exposure was Utada Hikaru, but my first Japanese music love was Tsukiko Amano. Silver Ash, a Chinese VK band got me into Visual Kei. My most favorite VK band was Kagura, then they disbanded =(. - My childhood music was mostly salsa, Motown, and R&B music like Luther Vandross and stuff, cuz my mom is Black/Puerto Rican. But I'm just now appreciating salsa music. I suggest hearing Celia Cruz's "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" and Ray Barreto's "El Diablo," those songs are the most unique sounding in my opinion, I didn't use to like salsa because a lot of it sounds similar and because I practically grew up with it, so I got tired of hearing it. If you like jazz, you might like salsa, it's very upbeat with singing in Spanish. Just look up the songs if you want to know what it sounds like. - Chinese pop music in Mandarin and Cantonese, I've always liked it more than Japanese pop music, it's very laidback most of the time. I used like Jay Chou a lot, but I got tired of him. My faves are Cheer Chen, Zhang Yun Jing, some of those indie bands like My Little Airport.  - I like to read novels and I do write stuff. And well this intro is too long. 
    • +\| - Sup' pps - |/+
      By Dinka Kay · Posted
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